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It’s been a little while, here’s what I’ve been up to

[Little note: from now on I’ll blog in English]

So it has been a while since my last post. I had to take a little time off being creative, happy and sharing since one of my closest friends, Marieke, suddenly passed away. She was only 34 years old and we thought we would have our whole lives together. I’m so grateful for the 22 years we shared a wonderful friendship, but will always be sad for the years we won’t have.

With all loss there comes a time when you notice your life just keeps on going, in the beginning that is so hard, you don’t want to go on ‘without’. But you do, and the joy in the little and the big things comes back too. Life without, we’ve had a lot of that over te past year and a half. It’s less and better at the same time.

Slowly I find myself making my way back to my sewing machine. My exams are also coming up so I have to strain myself so I can take enough time to study. I did however manage to make some things and I’ll show them to you:

I’ve been crocheting cacti!
They make great pincushions IF you use a big enough pot. This one is too small at the bottom and falls over every time I stick a needle back into the cactus.
I’ve sewn the The Kielo Wrap Dress (Pattern from Named clothing; fabric from Stof&Wol) and enjoyed the sh** out of the first hot spring day. This pattern is easy to sew, done in a few hours and the fabric is pretty and sooooooo comfy! It’s almost pure cotton (5% elasthane) and perfect for summer days.

While sewing the Kielo Wrap Dress I found a hidden gem from my mom. I decided not to finish the neckline and armholes with bias tape but went with facing. The pattern indicated to use some interfacing, but when you’re working with thin fabrics sometimes interfacing can make your facing become noticeable when you want it to be invisible. So I found some fusing thread, I think it’s nearly 20 years old but it was there, so I could just as well try and see what it would do. Well… it made me happy πŸ™‚

The first self adhesive ironing and serging thread! The price was still in Guilders, we’ve had the Euro since 2002… So this puppy still works after nearly 20 years (or maybe even more)!

I simply placed the thread under the serged edges and ironed it smoothly. The thread curled up so I had to keep a good eye on the edges so the entire serged edge would be lined with thread. And that was all it took: placing the thread and ironing. After that I had the smoothest facing I’ve ever seen and the facing never popped up again <3

Beautiful edges <3

In a few days we have something big to look forward to. With all the loss and sadness we’ve had over te last year we’ve decided it’s about time we focus on some other emotions. We’re getting a puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We already have a dog, a Swiss White Shepherd dog named Storm, and he already had a friend named Hunter. Sadly, Hunter became very ill and last year we had to let him go very shortly after my mom passed away. He was only 4 years old and we still miss him so much every day.

So now Storm has been alone (with us) for a year and we know how much fun he had with Hunter. He’s such a social and friendly dog, because I’m at home almost all the time he’s not alone often but when he is, we know he’s very sad. He’s going to be so happy having another friend with him.

Over the past year I’ve been watching closely where new SWS puppies were born and there was this one dog that has cought my eye many years ago. His owner told me he would be having his last litter and I immediately signed up for a puppy (there wasn’t even anything to sign up to and I had already done it). Criteria were tough for new owners but we were lucky enough to make the cut and at the end of this week we will welcome WINTER into our homes (he’s already set his little paws on our hearts). He’s as much of a sweetheart as he looks: a kind, loving soul with so much joy and happiness in his heart. We’re counting the minutes until he’ll join us πŸ™‚ And during those minutes I’m going to make them some more toys, blankets and cushions. Such spoiled doggies πŸ˜€

One dog toy coming up!

Thanks for reading, please leave a comment and follow me on instagram and facebook <3

Much love from Marloes @ StudioZACHT

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3 reacties

  • Shirley

    Wat een leuke cactusjes heb je gemaakt, beeldige jurk (ja die smeltbare garen herken ik), en Ooh wat een lieve puppy, hartverwarmend verhaal. Zie dat je ook een GOT fan bent, winter is coming.

  • Hanneke Joosen

    Wat een leuke blog was dit. Het raakte me en ontroerde me.
    Ik heb een tijd terug een workshop bij je gevolgd bij Stof & Wol. (lockmachine zonder pedaal??? ?).
    Wat een leuke pup is Winter en wat een leuke namen zijn Storm en Winter! Heel veel plezier met de nieuwe aanwinst.

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